AKROSS Sponsorship Program

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What is AKROSS Sponsorship Program?

As organization founded by athletes, we would like to contribute to development of Canadian amateur athletes who represent our country on international stage. With our Sponsorship Program AKROSS Canada will support select high performance taekwondo teams across country by providing sparring gear and training equipment.

Terms and Conditions

  • To apply for AKROSS Sponsorship please LOGIN and complete ONLINE APPLICATION
  • The sponsorship is awarded to teams only.
  • Application must be submitted by Master Instructor or authorized team representative.
  • The total amount of sponsorship budget for 2013 is $750, which will be divided between qualified teams. The amounts will vary from $100 to $250, depending on the size of the team and results achieved. We know, this is not much, but every little help matters. Our goal is to increase support for performance teams every year.
  • Sponsored teams and athletes will be added to our Sponsored! list with the school name, master instructor name and team logo / website.
  • AKROSS Canada reserves the right to end the sponsorship program at any time.

List of Sponsored! teams