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  • Take a Step Back and Breathe

    "Mom, I have too much homework and too many tests to study for. I think I'll have to skip training tonight."As a dedicated student and athlete with many deadlines set before me, a constant dilemma I face is juggling my education and training. On days where I have an overbearing amount of academic responsibilities, I must sacrifice my training but I am also forced to sacrifice my leisure time and sleep. For me, the only difference between my education and athletic dreams is that my education is an obligation and it is something that I value above almost everything else. This is the reason I choose to sacrifice other things in my life- so I don't have to sacrifice doing what I love.
  • Today for You, Tomorrow for Me

    After opening my eyes to the world outside my world, I can say that I am happier and my life has become much richer because I am not stuck in the little bubble that I called my "comfort zone."
  • AKROSS Canada Partners with Marlène Harnois

    AKROSS Canada is happy to announce partnership with Marlène Harnois and Fondation Heart Angel to assist African youth in their pursuit of their dreams through the sport of Taekwondo.Ainsi, AKROSS Canada est fier d'annoncer un partenariat avec Marlène Harnois et la Fondation Heart Angel afin d'encourager la jeunesse africaine dans la réalisation de leurs rêves à travers la pratique du taekwondo.
  • Donate Your Taekwondo Gear

    No help is too small. You can donate your gear in working condition to make a difference. Fondation Heart Angel is asking for:

    • Taekwondo Head gears, Arm guards, Shin guards, Groing guards, Gloves, Chest protectors
    • Training Gear: Kicking Pads, Kicking Shields, Focus Mitts

    Simply pack and ship your gear to AKROSS Canada at:

    AKROSS Canada
    Attn: Fondation Heart Angel
    131 Citation Dr, Unit 21
    Concord, ON L4K 2R3

    Alternatively, you can drop off the gear in person, at AKROSS Warehouse at the address above, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

  • Team Canada Results at 2016 PanAm Taekwondo Championships

    Mohsen Kazemi: Bronze (U60) Andrea Jerom: Silver (F - 53kg) Skylar Park: Bronze (F - 57kg) Ashley Kraayeveld: Bronze (F - 62kg)

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