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Beginner Guide for a Taekwondo Parent: Uniform

First Taekwondo Uniform (or Dobok)

Many parents who sign up their child for Taekwondo lessons wonder what equipment and sportswear they need. To start the journey, most schools will provide a uniform (dobok or dobuk in Korean) that bear their logo. Traditionally, taekwondo uniform for beginners is white, with a white V-Neck and belt.

first taekwondo uniform

Dan or Poom Taekwondo Uniform

After attaining the well-deserved rank of black belt (Dan or Poom, depending on the age of the student), another uniform is to be worn. Consequently, the new uniform is decorated now with the V-Neck colour as Black or Black / Red, however, it is still mostly white.

That's the tradition.

The holder of the poom belt in poom taekwondo uniform Poom uniform
The holder of the black belt in Dan taekwondo uniform by Daedo Dan uniform









Other Taekwondo Uniforms

Although some schools may use other types of uniforms, based on their curriculum, policies and specific programs. For example, short sleeve uniforms are popular in areas where it gets really hot in the summer, or kids uniforms for younger children (tiny tots) which are printed with the mascots like a panda or tiger.

Fabrics and Sizing of Taekwondo Uniforms

Usually, beginner taekwondo uniform is made of a ribbed cotton polyester blend, and is comfortable to wear in class.

Typical sizing charts are as follows:
90 (000000)
100 (00000)
110  (0000)
120 (000)
130 (00)
140 (0)
150 (1)
160 (2)
170 (3)
180 (4)
190 (5)
200 (6)
210 (7)

This covers the range of small children about 3.5 years old - size 90 (000000) to large adults about 6' 4" - size 210 (7).

Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo can be started at any age. With kids, it teaches valuable lessons of perseverance and discipline. With adults it promotes cardiovascular health, improves flexibility and balance. Starting from yellow belt level, students start to be more engaged in sparring part of Taekwondo, or Kyorugi in Korean. This is when you need the sparring gear.