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National Development Camp Series

AKROSS Canada is proud to be a sponsor of a new unifying collaboration between Taekwondo Canada’s “Our Taekwondo” campaign and the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Our Taekwondo - This vast and innovative project has one very clear objective: to rally the Canadian Taekwondo community around an organization that is making every effort to ensure its athletes win medals at major international events, especially at the Olympic Games.

The objective of Taekwondo Canada’s Future Champs – National Development Camp Series:
1. Inspire and engage the next generation of young competitors to follow the pathway to developing into a high performance athlete.

The Future Champs camps will provide quality stage specific training and programming, develop and integrate basic physical abilities, provide stage appropriate technical and tactical training, and provide opportunity to apply what was trained in a competitive environment.

2. Identify talent that may not get the necessary exposure elsewhere and guide their development within the sport.

These camps will give all athletes the opportunity to train together in a high level training environment, and be recognized as a Next Generation Future Champ.

3. Profile current elite athletes within the community.

We will invite some of our Pan Am Games, Olympic or National Team athletes to these camps to give our Future Champs the chance to get inspired and train with our countries best!

4. Coach Professional Development.

Coaches who enroll will have the opportunity to network, learn, and share training strategies as well as to earn NCCP Professional Development points.

5. Referee Professional Development.

Referees who enroll will have the opportunity to apply practical learning in a competitive environment and provide experience for referees in training.


AKROSS Canada was founded with support of a group of Canadian Taekwondo athletes with the future generation of athletes in mind. We understand the importance of unifying the sport as a nation; the future of the sport, and more importantly, international success of our fellow Canadian athletes will always be a priority for us. A part of our revenue goes back to support high performance athletes in Canada through their schools or national/provincial organizations.

For more information on upcoming Future Champs - National Development Camp Series events, please visit:

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