Sparring Sets

AKROSS Canada offers a great selection of World Taekwondo sets for Kids and Adults, for both Beginners and Advanced taekwondo practitioners. Sets ship from our warehouse in Concord, Ontario. Shipping in Canada is FREE for retails orders.


The WT Recognized brands we carry: MOOTO and JC.

Check the list of WT Recognized brands HERE.


Kids usually wear sizes 0(XXS), 1(XS) and 2(S)

Teen and adults sizes are 2(S), 3(M), 4(L) and 5(XL)


Every student of white belt and up at some point will require Sparring Set to practice the combative aspect of Taekwondo. Our WT Recognized Sparring Sets provide excellent protection, comfort and quality at affordable price. The set can be used for training, and for local WT Taekwondo tournaments.Products to consider: Children Taekwondo Sparring Set, JC TKD Club Sparring Set.


Our WT Recognized Premium Sets are popular choice of athletes at the highest level of WT Taekwondo competitions: Provincials, Nationals, Open Games, Gran-Prix, Worlds or Olympics. The premium sets provide highest level of protection, comfort and mobility. Products to consider: Mooto Sparring Set, JC TKD Premium Sparring Set.