Sparring Sets

Our selection of World Taekwondo sets for Kids and Adults in Beginner, Advanced and Pro levels.


Every student of white belt and up at some point will require Sparring Set to practice the combative aspect of Taekwondo. Our WT Style Sparring Set provides excellent protection, comfort and quality at affordable price. The set can be used for training and for colour belt WT Taekwondo tournaments (local), which normally do not require WT Approved Equipment and dobuk.


The brand name Sparring Set of Club level with the greater comfort that can be used at training or competition, that requires WT Approved Equipment. The current list of WT Approved brands can be checked here. Please remember, that while you might want to use Arm Guards with Extra elbow protection and Shin Guards with Instep for training, both are usually not allowed at the black belt level tournaments.


Our Pro Sets are WT Recognized and to be worn by athletes at the highest level of WT Taekwondo competitions: Provincials, Nationals, Open Games, Gran-Prix, Worlds or Olympics. They provide highest level of protection, comfort and mobility.